The Zen of Self Storage

Maintaining a Minimalist Lifestyle with Self-Storage

My wife and I look at our self-storage unit as an investment towards minimalism and simplification.

After recently getting married, my wife and I are enjoying experiencing a lot of “firsts” in our lives. We have not only shared our hearts, but we have mingled stuff. From wedding gifts, to furniture, to garden tools, flower prints, old law books, old record players, we have collected the odd little things that make us become a family. We were married in August, so during the winter, we allowed ourselves some grace when it came to finding the time to sort through these items, however — though grace abounds — as Spring approached this year, we were forced to acknowledge the amount of stuff piling in our garage:  that lamp that broke, my camping gear from my bachelor trip, those woodworking projects I never quite got around to finishing. It was as much about vanity as organization.

You can tell a lot about a person by their garage. For example, my father in law has one simple rule for his garage: nothing is allowed in except for their two cars. It is always spotless. On the other end of the spectrum, of course, are the hoarders who can’t even fit their cars into the garage. We realized that we it time for us to decide what kind of “garage” people our family was going to present to world. Familiar with the cycle of the halfway clean up, we decided to adopt a minimalist approach. However, as we went about sorting through our things, what surprised us the most about this process was how little I felt I could part with any of it.  

Much of what makes us “us” is in our garage. For the most part, none of it was actually “junk”, and what struck me is that there are a lot of people in the same boat. After reading all those law books and making all of those outlines, it was too hard to throw them away. The garage sale was a thing of the 90’s when people had junk to get rid of. Today, minimalism is “hip”, almost like driving a hybrid, or Juicing. Our waistlines are getting smaller, but our need for storage is not, mainly, because storage has become less about storage and more about organization…of your home, your comapany, and your life.  When it just gets in the way, it is time to simplify.

We found a 10 x 10 was the way to Zen for us.


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